Athlete Leadership

Athlete Leadership

Special Olympics is shaping a new understanding of leadership, inspired by our athletes, and unleashing leadership potential in people of all abilities.

To facilitate a more inclusive world and empower athletes, the Athlete Leadership Program provides the opportunity for developing communication skills, self-advocacy training and leadership opportunities. All these outlets are designed to support athletes contribute in ways beyond the sports field.

The three guiding principles for Athlete Leadership are Education & Awareness, Training and Leadership Positions. These principles provide strategic direction and outline what components are necessary to ensure athletes are “leading the way.”

Athlete Leaders influence change through meaningful leadership roles in the community, the confidence that comes with achievement, and the chance to utilize their unique skill set.

To become a Athlete Leader, athletes first take the Introduction to Athlete Leadership and Understanding Leadership training courses. After earning the Certificate of Completion, they become eligible for additional classes and leadership opportunities at the local, state and national level!

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