Unified Champion Schools

Unified Champion Schools

Unified Sports bring together equal numbers of athletes with and without intellectual disabilities, of similar age and ability, to compete against other Unified Sports teams. This is an important program because it expands sports opportunities for athletes seeking new challenges and dramatically increases inclusion in the community. Special Olympics Ohio now offers Unified Sports programs in Alpine Skiing, Athletics (Track & Field), Basketball, Bocce, Bowling, Golf, Powerlifting, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, and Volleyball.


Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools

Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools bring together students with and without intellectual disabilities through education, sports and youth leadership to provide them with the knowledge, attitudes, and skill necessary to create and sustain school communities that promote acceptance, respect, and human dignity.


What is a Special Olympics Unified Champion School?

A sustaining Special Olympics Unified Champion School is a combination of at least three components; sports, youth leadership/advocacy, and a school-wide activity. At a Unified Champion School there is an understanding that this is not just an event that happens for one day, or a single experience, but rather year-long or seasonal activities. In a Unified Champion School there is an expectation that acceptance and inclusion are everyday occurrences that change entire schools and impact the whole student body.

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