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SOHC Athlete Spotlight: Bradi Banner


Bradi with the Bob Peterfish Sportsmanship Award!


Bradi Banner has been involved in the Special Olympics Hamilton County for six years! She is a avid swimmer and participates in track and field. Bradi is legally blind and one of SOHC’s hardest working athletes! Not only did she win the Bob Peterfish Sportsmanship Award at the Special Olympics Ohio State Aquatics meet this past weekend she was also honored to sing the National Anthem at it’s opening ceremonies!

When SOHC Program Director, Janet Smith, found out there was no one to sing the Anthem at the State Games she immediately thought of Bradi. Bradi sings the National Anthem at our local swim meets and games, but was very enthusiastic to get the call to sing at the State level.

Bradi wrote a letter the Janet expressing her thanks, typed out word for word below:

“Dear Janet Smith,

Thank you so much for asking me to sing the Star Spangled Banner.

I don’t know if I ever told you this, but when you ask me to sing I felt so honored

that you would ask me to sing. At the meet, and also the track meet. Janet Smith

you do not know how much this means to me I feel so honored. I did not think that

i would ever get asked to sing the star Spangled Banner at the State games. I Thought

i would be sing the star spangled Banner at the home meet. not at The State games.

So Thank You so much because like I said I did not think I would be sing at the State

games. So I Feel so honored right now. I am so excited for this opportunity to sing this

weekend. I am so grateful That i am in Special Olympics. I enjoy Special Olympics it

makes me happy. Just like i enjoy my mission it makes me happy to. Going out on my

Mission it was the best thing for me. I feel like I learned alot. And also grow up. A

mission was really hard. But at the same Time It was a great experience. Some people

told me that I am more mature But I love Special Olympics keeps me going And I love it

so much! A mission and Special Olympics is The best Thing. Janet Smith I am so glad

that I no you. Even Thought we Joke about Frosty the snow man. I hop you have a

Merry Christmas!”

This is not the first Sportsmanship award Bradi has been given through the Special Olympics. She also received the Ethel Luken Award earlier this year for outstanding achievement!

Below is what Bradi’s coaches, who nominated her, for the award had to say about her and we definitely agree!

Bradi loves to jokingly compliment your jewelry or clothing then see how long it takes you to realize she

can’t see them. She once assured coach Anne Knodle that she wasn’t old, she didn’t even have grey hair.

If you know Anne, you know she is a very well deserved grey hair woman. There was also the time at track

practice when coach Una demonstrated a particular technique. She told the athletes “now you’ve seen me

do it, you do it” This athlete’s response was “I didn’t see anything” while laughing sweetly.

To top it off, there is a video of this person playing not one but two Bopits simultaneously. If you’re my age, a

Bopit is a modern version of Simon. So imagine playing two when you can’t see them.

Her singing voice is truly beautiful. She regularly sings the national anthem at swim meets.

Bradi Banner is truly the definition of be brave in the attempt.”

Congrats Bradi on of your previous accomplishments with in and outside of the Special Olympics! We are sure there are more to come in your future!



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