Athletics (Track & Field)

Athletics (Track & Field)

Spring Games includes all track and field events for Special Olympics athletes. While the Spring Games occur only once per year, athletes train for roughly six weeks in their chosen event(s). Athletics is for athletes of all ability levels and ages.

In addition to our two training programs listed below, students throughout the county train through their schools and participate in Spring Games. Ask your school if they have a training program, or call the SOHC office for more information!

Available Programs

The Rost School Athletics Program

April –May


6 pm–7:30 pm

Deer Park High School Athletics Program

April –May


Major Programs

2016 Spring Games

May 2017

Lockland High School Stadium

Please check back for more details closer to the event.

For specific times/locations please view our calendar. If interested in participating please fill out an athlete interest form. For more information please email our Assistant Program Director.

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