Our annual art show gives athletes an opportunity to show their creative side. Artwork is displayed at Northgate Mall for a week each January, with an awards ceremony to celebrate the athletes on the final day of the show

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Rules and Regulations

Each athlete is limited to two entries. If more than two entries are submitted, two will be accepted and the others will be returned.  Each school, agency or athlete is responsible for mounting his or her own work.

There are three divisions for judging:

  1. Independent
  2. Assistance Given
  3. One-on-one Hands-on Assistance


Artwork may be entered into the following categories:

  1. Black and White Flat Art — No larger than 11”x14” with mat
  2. Colored Flat Art — No larger than 11”x14” with mat
  3. Three-Dimensional Art — Sculpture, pottery, mobiles, etc.
  4. Crafts from Kits
  5. Crafts from original designs
  6. Computer drafted art – No larger than 11″x14″ with mat

Make sure to complete an entry form, and submit it to the SOHC office